About Sniff and Go

Team of Employees

At Sniff and Go, we understand the legal distinctions between employees and independent contractors and properly classify our team to ensure compliance with labor laws, protect workers’ rights, and maintain a fair and balanced employment environment.

While there are increased costs associated with a team of employees, the long-term benefits, such as improved service quality and legal compliance, far outweigh any thought of misclassification.

IRS.gov — Worker Classification 101: Employee or IC

Background Checks

Federal, State, and County Criminal Background Checks through Checkr

MVR and Driving Records Checks through Checkr


Business Liability Insurance through State Farm

Employee Dishonesty through State Farm

Workers Compensation Insurance through AP Intego

Team Training

Dog Walking Academy: 20-hour certification course in animal behavior, dog body language, walk management, and more – recognized by SF Animal Care and Control

Pet First Aid and Pet CPR through Pro Pet Hero

In-house training is a 2-week training period that covers the safety of our team and dogs in our care, operations, walk options, systems we use, etc…

Field training that includes positive introductions to dogs, cross-training with current team members, training walks, etc…

Ongoing training to stay up to date with policies and procedures, current happenings, articles, or videos related to our industry, and cross-training to extend the experience and knowledge of all team members.


All business and employee taxes are paid and in good standing, fulfilling our legal obligations while contributing to the well-being of society and the stability of the overall economy.

City and County of San Francisco

Business License #1012621

State of California

Sniff and Go, LLC – #201501310222