ETA and Arrival Alerts

When clients sign up with Sniff and Go they are able to secure a certain window of time – typically these are two-hour Start Time Windows. Since we do not guarantee an exact time that we will arrive, the ETA/Arrival alerts allow us to give the clients advance notice and time to prepare for our visits.

With some clients working from home, having meetings from home, and to help them keep track of their dogs’ daily activities, ETA/Arrival alerts help everyone stay on the same page with the least amount of disruptions. There will be times when clients need time to prepare their dogs by harnessing them, meeting at a street level direct handoff, etc… The ETA/Arrival alerts help ensure that as soon as we arrive at the visit we can immediately get started rather than waiting.

Speaking SAG
ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival

Never send an ETA/Arrival notificaiton while driving or in-service with another client.


When preparing to travel to your next scheduled visit:

  1. Check the client profile in PPC for the phone icon to determine if an ETA/Arrival notification needs to be sent. (if no icon and eta/arrival does not need to be sent)
  2. Place the address of visit in your GPS
  3. Text client, in approved client communication app, with the estimated time of arrival and plus parking (*add parking, if required for visit)

    Hi there! My ETA for Fluffy is 12:35pm plus parking.
    Thank you!
    Sniff and Go

  4. Once you have parked your vehicle, send an arrival notification

    Parked and walking over!


ETA/Arrival notifications are for outgoing communications to the clients only.

– DO NOT reply to ETA/Arrival notifications
– DO NOT send any other information besides ETA/Arrival notifications

Sideline has an automatic reply setup to discourage clients from calling or sending messages.

If a client is in a group text, only the person that replies may receive the automated reply.
If the system does not do this automatically, you can copy and paste the automated reply in response to a clients message to encourage them to send updates to the office.


What if I get delayed when en route?
If you end up delayed for more than 10 minutes from when the original ETA is sent, pull over to a safe area and send the client a second ETA with new time.

Is there a work around in case the client communication system is not working?

  1. Go to the clients profile
  2. Click on the journal entry from the prior visit
  3. Add a journal entry with your ETA/Arrival time