How to Clock In/Out of Precise Pet Care (Automatically and Manually)


Since June 2020, we have been doing Daily Symptom Checks through PPC.  These checks are in compliance with local authorities on how to slow the spread of covid-19.

The Daily Symptom Checks (DSC) are scheduled by default, at 6:30am. This is in an effort to get the DSC, in the schedule, before anyone starts the day.  You do not need to wake up early to do this step – unless you are scheduled to work at 7am, for example.

Most can do the DSC, right before they start their shift. And, in an effort to eliminate steps, if you complete your DSC right before your first visit of the day, then you will be clocked in and ready to go for the day. The point of the DSC is to have a running log of checking for symptoms, in case someone does get sick.

If you complete the DSC right before your first scheduled shift of the day, then you will be automatically be clocked in through the PPC default settings.

*If you are clocked out, you will be automatically clocked back in, once a visit of any type is started. This means, if you clock out for a break/lunch/personal time, you can simply start your next visit and the system will automatically clock you back in.

If you are sick, or were in close contact with a confirmed positive covid-19 carrier, please let us know as soon as possible. Please do not wait to let us know, until right before the start of your shift.


You will never be automatically clocked out, You will always need to manually clock out, when you are not working. This includes clocking out for:

  • Personal conversations via text or phone
  • Grabbing coffee or snacks
  • Fueling up your vehicle
  • Breaks and lunches (if you travel somewhere to take a break/grab lunch, drive time to and from is included in time off the clock)
  • End of day clock out





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