Sniff and Go Initial Assessment Notes

The Initial Assessment is where we come to you, to meet your family for the first time, in person for about 15-25 minutes. Please note that we may be taking photos for visual references of pet-related items.

Initial Assessment Arrival Time

An “On The Way” and “Service In Progress” notification will be sent once we are on our way to your location and once we have arrived.

  • On The Way: Sent when we are 5-30 minutes away from your location plus parking
  • Service In Progress: Sent when we have arrived

*See more info about daily communication preferences here

Initial Meeting

We will be meeting outside in a neutral setting for the initial meeting. A confirmation of the actual location will be sent prior to the meeting so all parties are aware of where to meet.

Exception: If your dog is nervous of outside elements, we can arrange to initially meet inside/at the front door. Your dog will need to be comfortable with new friends coming over so the initial meeting does not create negative associations.

    Treat Reinforcers

    We will be coming with high-value reinforcers so we can start off our meeting with a super positive introduction!

    – You will see us dropping treats at first (this is called “jackpotting” or “raining” treats), then switching to seeing how they take treats from our hand throughout the meeting
    – Treats we typically have on us are human-grade cheese, turkey hot dogs, or freeze-dried beef liver — all treats are cut up into extremely small pieces (think 1/2 of a pencil eraser size or smaller, depending on breed size)

    Home Access Details

    In order to perform daily dog walking, we will need a primary and secondary access to your home. As a professional service provider, Sniff and Go has been entering and exiting homes since 2009 while taking the security of Client’s homes seriously.

    Home Access Options: Please read here

    We will be gathering information on how to safely and securely enter and exit your home in addition to the following:

    • Exchanging keys or going over Home Access notes
    • If using a lockbox, practicing opening and closing the lockbox if needed
    • If using keys, practicing and confirming the keys work

    Client Onboarding Details

    Before the Initial Assessment, an invite to our online scheduling system will be emailed with the subject line: Sniff and Go Account Invitation. Please create your Account by selecting the link and then entering the invitation code listed. Once in the system, locate the three menu bars in the top left corner and complete the following:

    New Client Checklist

    1️⃣ Petcare > My Info > Review and complete necessary main profile fields
    2️⃣ Petcare > My Pets > Review and complete one pet profile, per pet (select the “edit” icon to open all available fields)
    3️⃣ Billing > My Billing Info > Enter billing info (billing is processed by Stripe)
    4️⃣ Vaccines > Please email current vaccine documentation for each pet to

    🐾 Membership Plans Clients:  We will be entering your ongoing daily schedule on the backend (this is a custom setup due to the discounted services).

     During the Initial Assessment, we will be:

    • Performing a quick walkthrough of where dog-related items are located
    • Practicing putting on/taking off their walking items to see if any additional notes are needed for this step
    • Going over your top 2-3 behaviors that you would like to highlight

    Here is a link to General Sniff and Go Scheduling Notes once the above steps have been completed.

    Please let us know if you have any questions and we will be in touch!

    The Team at Sniff and Go
    Text: 415-300-2445