Sniff and Go Initial Assessment Notes


The Initial Assessment is where we come to you, to meet your family for the first time, in-person for about 15-25 minutes.

Our Arrival Time: An ETA will be sent with a 5-30 minute notice of arrival time, plus parking.
– ETAs are sent when leaving the previous location which could be anywhere from a block away to potentially 5 miles away
– The parking factor is unknown, so once parked, an additional notification is sent noting our arrival

Initial Meeting: 
Please let us know (chat window in website or at 415-300-2445) if you think we should be meeting inside or outside for the first introduction
– Meeting inside/at the front door is typically for dogs that like to have new visitors coming over
– Meeting outside in a neutral setting is typically best for the initial meeting if your dog(s) are more reserved when meeting new visitors
—– Usually meeting at the nearest intersection can work, just let us know which intersection you will be at

Treat Reinforcers: 
We will be coming with high value reinforcers so we can start off our meeting with a super positive introduction!
– You will see us dropping treats at first (this is called “jackpotting” or “raining” treats), then switching to seeing how they take treats from our hand throughout the meeting
– Treats we typically have on us are human grade cheese, turkey hot dogs, or beef liver — all treats are cut up into extremely small pieces (think 1/2 of a pencil eraser size or smaller)

Home Access Details:
 If you will not be home when walks take place, a few of the topics that we will be going through include:
– A quick walkthrough of where things are located — we will also be taking photos for visual references
– Practicing putting on/taking off their walking items to see if any additional notes are needed for this step
– Going over any behaviors that you would like to highlight
– Exchanging keys or going over Home Access notes
—– if using a lockbox, practicing opening and closing the lockbox
—– if using keys, practicing and confirming the keys work

*If you will be home, we will be confirming where the street level direct handoff will be taking place.


Our Team Lead, Jon, or Emi will be be completing the Initial Assessment.


Please let us know if you have any questions and we will be in touch!


The Team at Sniff and Go