We’re not dog walkers, we’re dog Pros

Sniff and Go: San Francisco’s Best On-Leash Personal Dog Walkers

The Sniff and Go Promise

When you choose to work with Sniff and Go, you’re not getting a dog walker, you’re getting a dog professional. Every one of our employees is thoroughly vetted and trained in dog behavior, CPR and First Aid. We take walking your best friend seriously and hire only those who are committed to dedicating their time, learning and career to bettering their understanding of dogs and their needs.

We promise to always care for your pup as if they were our own, to keep them safe and happy and return them home betteR+ than when we picked them up!

Contact us today, we’d love to hear from you!

Our Mission For Today

We strive to offer a dog walking service that enables peace of mind, a happy and tired dog, and a reliable routine that puts more time back into your days!

Our Vision for the Future

To break the cycle of dog care that employs punishment based methodologies, while changing the cultural belief surrounding dog walking as a profession. We want to prove that experience and education create skilled professionals that better serve dog and human clients alike.

Who We Are

  • Positive Reinforcement Dog Professionals
  • Pet First Aid and CPR certified
  • Commercially insured and bonded
  • 40+ hours of training per employee, plus ongoing education + quality checks
  • Consistent and reliable schedules

Who You Are

  • A working professional who needs help exercising your beloved family member(s) 
  • You have a reactive, fearful, high-energy, or young dog requiring focused attention
  • You understand the value of consistent, individualized attention from full-time certified dog walkers
  • You’re willing to commit to a regular 5 day/week walking schedule for at least two months

Here at Sniff and Go we take pride in our commitment to provide full time employment to our walkers, so they too can afford to live where they walk.

In order to fulfill our commitment to them, we only take on clients who are also committed to a 5 day a week walking schedule.

Meet Emi Tringali

Owner, Founder, and Administrator of Sniff and Go, LLC

Meet Emi Tringali

Owner, Founder, and Administrator of Sniff and Go, LLC

In 2021, Emi attended the Dog Training Internship Academy to learn about positive reinforcement dog training and animal behavior. But Emi’s experience in the dog walking industry didn’t start there. 

After attending San Diego State University, her passion for animals plus an education in business, led to the pursuit of owning her own business. April 2009 was the official Grand Opening of Sniff and Go LLC!

After the pandemic severely affected the business in 2020, it was then that Emi decided to attend the academy and further her understanding of dog behavior. Her experience there kicked off the start of a whole new journey into the science behind dog behavior and ways to better serve the dog parents of San Francisco! 

Since then Emi has taken a step back from walking pups herself, but now invests her time in training and supporting the employees of Sniff and Go to be the best dog walkers in San Francisco.

Emi and her husband, Paul, currently live in San Francisco, CA, with their SFUSD elementary school son, and their two adopted shelter dogs, Dillinger and Lafawnduh.

Meet The Walking Team

Paul T.


Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to get to know our crew here at Sniff and Go. My name is Paul and I have been able to call Professional Dog Walking my passion since 2010.

Being a San Francisco native, I am able to easily navigate our doggo friends throughout all the well known (and not so well known:)) sniffs of The City.

When it comes to our feline friends, there’s nothing better than the purrs and play time that comes from kitties that know they can trust our care.

I look forward to meeting you!

Flynn M.


Hi, I’m Flynn.

I’ve been living in San Francisco since 1989, but I was born and raised in Palo Alto, CA.

Growing up in Palo Alto I have had the opportunity to be around lots of different animals – from hamsters and snakes, horses and ducks, to cats and dogs. But my true love is dogs. The love and companionship a dog can provide is life changing and too often under-appreciated.

I enjoy mountain biking, working out, cooking, BBQing and spending time outdoors. On most weekends you can find my wife and I exploring (biking, hiking, swimming) Northern California with our dog Dash.



Hi, my name’s Jon – I’ve lived in the Bay Area all my life. I’ve always loved animals, especially dogs throughout my childhood and life. I had dogs throughout my past but right now have two awesome cats.

I like to cook and eat, take walks, workout, read, listen to music, make music using a DAW, go camping and enjoy nature and the outdoors. I like to learn new things, especially about nutrition, health and the way the human body works.



Hi my name is CJ!

I am a lover of all animals, but I especially love dogs. I’ve enjoyed walking dogs and pet sitting professionally and recreationally for many many years and am looking forward to doing it for many more.

Showing up for your pup and treating them with the utmost sensitivity, care, and respect is always my top priority.

I am also passionate about the arts: I play music and am an independent filmmaker.

Paul R.


Hi I’m Paul R!

I was born and raised here in San Francisco and know this city like the back of my hand.

I spent the past 30 years working in athletics on all three levels (high school, college. and professional) as a college football coach, NFL personnel scout, and as a high school athletic director.

My love of dogs comes from their unconditional love and their enduring loyalty that I have experienced while raising my own two Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

They taught me so much about living life, and gave me so many wonderful memories that I think about them everyday!

I can’t think of a better way to honor my two guys, Jack and Coach, each and every day than by caring for other family’s pets as if they were my very own!

I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn and work with the great team of professional pet care specialists / dog walkers here at Sniff and Go.



Hello my name is Ozzie!

I have grown up around all sorts of animals my whole life. I have a deep respect for and interest in all animals. Throughout my life I have been fortunate enough to foster many cats, a couple dogs, and work with snakes, birds, and rabbits.

Currently, I live with three dogs, three cats, and a bird who are all great. I was born and raised in San Francisco and enjoy getting to know my city better every day. I love the outdoors and staying in shape through sports and working out, which is great as I can accomplish these goals with my own pups, like Jett pictured above. I love interacting with dogs and learning about them as individuals, and supplying them with happy experiences and exercise!



Hi, Im Josh!

I’m originally from Michigan, so with growing up in the Midwest Ive always had dogs in my life at home who I loved to run and play with! I’m happy to let your dogs out and enjoy the day along with me.

My hobbies here in the city are hiking, biking and when I can, surfing!

I very much look forward to walking your dogs and treating them with same love as I would with my own four legged friends.



Hello, I’m Becky!

I’m a Bay Area Native, and even lived in Santa Cruz for a while. I’ve been blessed with having strong bonds with many animals, especially dogs, whom come in and out of my life. For three years, I was employed by the SFSPCA as an Animal Care Associate, and first-handedly experienced how to treat shelter dogs and cats with FreeFear and positive reinforcement training. During my time with the SFSPCA allowed me to hone in on animal behavior, communication. Currently, I’m practicing these skills with my Shepard pup, Ollie, allowing him to have a freer and happier life one wants for their furry companion(s).

One of my favorite quotes, “A happy dog is a tired dog.”



Hello, my name is Dana!

I recently moved to San Francisco from Philadelphia and have fallen in love with the Bay Area. I’ve had dogs all my life and currently have 3 of my own at home. Over the years I’ve been able to volunteer with dog rescues, foster dogs, as well as dog walk & pet sit recreationally. Being around animals is always something I find to be uplifting. The energy of animals is something we can all learn from and I’m excited to be at Sniff and Go where I can continuously learn about dogs. Getting to walk dogs around the city is the perfect way to spend my days! On my off time I enjoy exploring new trails, kayaking and going to concerts.

Sniff and Go’s COMMITment to a diverse workforce:

The dog is the most diverse animal on the planet. We always want to learn more from them.

The most important lesson we will ever learn from our dogs is to embrace that same diversity.
Sniff and Go will always strive to have a team as wonderfully unique as the dogs in our care.

Happy San Francisco Pet Owners

“The walkers are all honestly amazing, reliable and great at communicating. They always provide great notes from their walks to make sure I’m aware of certain things they might notice with Wiley.”

Brendan F.

“I can’t recommend Sniff and Go more highly! Emi and her team are professional, organized, reliable, and skilled at what they do.”

Melanie M.

“We have been using Sniff and Go for the past 4 years. Emi and her team are incredibly thoughtful, reliable, accommodating, and most importantly genuine dog lovers. Trusting that our dog, Pixel, will be walked by someone he’s familiar with every day is priceless!”

Wayne P.

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