SF Puppy Prep & Top Dog SF

Congratulations on your new puppy!

Thank you for considering Sniff and Go when it comes to Pet Taxi services!

Looking for assistance with bringing your puppy to and from puppy dayschool?  We’d be happy to help!


Rate = $50 for AM Pick up
(730am-830am for SF Puppy Prep)
(830am-930am for Top Dog SF)
Rate = $35 for PM Pick up
(2-3pm for SF Puppy Prep)
(3-4pm for Top Dog SF)

We have been working with SF Puppy Prep since 2016 and Top Dog SF since 2020. We are honored to offer a pet taxi service to and from these amazing puppy schools. The process of picking up and dropping off puppies can be tons of fun❤! But there is also a lot of responsibility that goes into the logistics of making sure it’s done within a positive and safe environment.

A typical PM routine for us includes:

  • Drop off, back at your home, happens between 2:30pm and 4:30pm for SF Puppy Prep and 3:30-5pm for Top Dog SF.
  • Use of a clean and reliable vehicle.
  • Having two employees on staff so one person can always stay in the vehicle with the puppies that are waiting for their drop off to take place (we love that cool a/c or warm snuggles!).
  • Supervised and clean bathroom breaks for any puppies in the vehicle longer than 60 minutes.

Once back home after school:

  • We get specific instructions for the drop off routine
  • Give the puppies up to five minutes to potty before being secured in their holding place*
  • Refresh water bowls
  • Give treat toy (if requested)
  • Secure crate/ex-pen
  • Secure home


About Us and Insurance

We carry general liability insurance, are bonded, carry commercial auto insurance, and workers compensation. We are a team of employees (not independent contractors) that must successfully pass a criminal background check, go through 40 hours of training, pass a veterinarian taught Pet First Aid and Pet CPR course and then continue ongoing education through a professional behavioralist and trainer based system that covers all topics of dog and cat care. Sniff and Go LLC is registered with the City and County of San Francisco, since 2009 – Business Registration #1012621.


All services come with an online scheduling system that confirms service requests are ready to go. This system also is helpful should you decide to continue services after puppy school – we offer both daily dog walks and cat sitting. After completing a service, you are sent a summary of events along with photos of our day.


Most clients will have a fabric travel carrier they bring their puppies to school in that can be left at the facility. Please label these carriers with your puppy’s first and last name so we know which carrier belongs to you. If you prefer for your puppy to have a treat toy of some sort inside the carrier with them, that can be left in their cubby or in their carrier with instructions to do so.

*Potty Breaks

We provide five-minute puppy potty breaks before returning back home. This helps us avoid accidents in the afternoon. 

If your pup does not go within the five minutes and they keep having accidents, we can discuss a custom option for you! If they relieve themselves right away, we then continue the drop off process.

Puppy Visits and Beyond

Sniff and Go is primarily a private daily dog walking. We are able to offer the pet taxi services because we work as a team to help simplify your daily routine and because we have all the insurance policies in place to do so. Should you need midday visits (for example: your puppy needing to stay home from school, you are looking for weekend help, you are looking for daily walks after school is complete) we would be happy to help!


AM Pet Taxis: Varied

PM Pet Taxis: Please leave two sets of keys inside your pet’s carrier for first day use. If you only have one set available, we can use a lockbox on site or discuss other options. Keys are then anonymously labeled so they can’t be traced back to your home.


Payments are set up and processed through our online scheduling system.


AM Pet Taxi = $50/trip

PM Pet Taxi = $35/trip

SFPP Pet Taxi Discount

Both AM and PM Pet Taxi services have been discounted by over 20% for SF Puppy Prep and Top Dog SF clients!

*Regular rate and hours: 9am to 4pm = $45/trip, Before/After Hours = +$15.00


Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for cancellations.

Other questions? Please email: hello@SniffAndGo.com

We love our clients!

and hope that you become one as well!

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