Sniff and Go’s Favorite Dog Walking Companies

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Perhaps you got a new dog during the COVID lockdown, or are looking for a professional dog walker for the first time, or maybe just moved to San Francisco. There are LOADS of dog walkers active in the city, which is no surprise given how great SF is for dogs. But amidst all these options, who is the best? Who should you trust with your pup’s daily exercise and happiness? It’s a big question! Our number-one, most favorite, best dog walking company in San Francisco is… Sniff and Go 🎉 (of course😁). However, let’s just say our amazing team is at capacity — we are still happy to help with a few of our favorite recommendations of local dog walking businesses we know and love!

Top Dog SF

Top Dog is a super unique business, they’re actually not at all what you’d think of when you think of a dog walking company. They own and operate a 4.5 acre “doggie ranch” down by Pacifica, where your dog will romp around and play in the great outdoors. Top Dog provides a respite in the country for the city dog. The ranch is supervised by some amazing dog professionals, is secure, well fenced, and well kept. Your dog will have a blast running around with other, similarly-sized dogs (The ranch is split into a couple sections by size category of dog, just to keep the toy poodles separate from the great danes). “But I don’t want to have to drive down to Pacifica twice a day!”, you say, and I don’t blame you, but you don’t need to! Top Dog does full pick-up and drop-off. Did we mention they also have a great training program?

Dog Tales

For something a little more conventional and close-to-home, we’re happy to refer you to Deborah at Dog Tales! She specializes in off-leash small-group play groups— your dog will be part of a regular pack every time they go out with her and soon will be best friends with that entire group! She’s been in the game since 2002, which means she really knows her stuff! And don’t just take our word for it, SF Bay Guardian has repeatedly voted her one of the top walkers in the city year after year! She also offers overnight care in her home or yours.

Fairy Dogfather

Still working on your dog’s recall? Looking for on-leash walks? The Fairy Dogfather might be the one for you! Eric’s loving, positive approach to working with dogs has earned him rave reviews from his customers. He offers small group walks (4 dogs or less) and 1-on-1 walks on leash in the cluster of neighborhoods between the Haight, Mission, and Twin Peaks. He boasts Dog*tec certification as well as Pet CPR and First Aid, offers great rates, and is all around an amazing person to be your pup’s second favorite human.

As we have since 2009, if you’re looking for amazing one-on-one walks on leash and in your own neighborhood, 7 days a week, Sniff and Go is here for you! We have been and continue to be the original dog walking service that focuses our work entirely on solo walks. We believe that private walks are not only safer, but all dogs get more out of the individualized and undivided attention that they provide. We can work with you on your training program, give you detailed and attentive feedback on how your dog is doing with us, and promise to fall completely head-over-heels for your dog. All our walkers are among the best pet care professionals in the nation, employees are rigorously trained to be prepared for every situation and every dog. We even conclude every visit with a journal entry and a photo!

by Den Ivanov
(Image Source:  Bruce Warrington on Unsplash)