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Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson
03:08 30 Sep 19
Emi & Jia are the BEST! We've been with Sniff and Go for 2 years, and I just can't say enough good things about them.... I completely trust them with Charlie's care and so appreciated their endless patience with her. My dog Charlie is - to put lightly - difficult to work with 🙂 She's afraid of new people and situations, and will bark when frightened. Emi & Jia went above and beyond to make sure Charlie was comfortable with them, doing meet and greets before her first walk, and following a sophisticated routine that involved treats and a lot of bribing to get Charlie to walk with them that first week. I also appreciated how flexible they are. I often have to work late last minute, and they are great about accommodating evening walks day of - and last minute cancellations when I would need to travel unexpectedly. I loved getting the daily walk update from Jia, that always included a cute photo of Charlie, having the best time! Thank you both!!read more
Niki Ramirez
Niki Ramirez
20:04 08 Apr 19
I am a business consultant that has recently done work with the owner, Emi. Her approach to caring for animals is... amazing and her dedication to their health, safety and happiness is refreshing. Not only does she and her team do great work with the animals in their care, she is a wonderful leader and is building a GREAT team! I'd recommend Sniff and Go to all of my friends and family in the SF area 🙂read more
Wayne Pan
Wayne Pan
19:49 14 Jan 18
We have been using Sniff and Go for the past 4 years. Emi and her team are incredibly thoughtful, reliable,... accommodating, and most importantly genuine dog lovers. Trusting that our dog, Pixel, will be walked by someone he's familiar with every day is priceless!read more
Sara Winslow
Sara Winslow
13:36 12 Jan 18
I’ve been using Sniff & Go’s dog walking services for 2 years and am very happy with them. They take great care of... my two dogs! Each day, I get a notification when Sniff & Go arrives and leaves, and I get photos and an update of how the walk went. Most recently, one of my dogs had knee surgery, and their walker Jon has worked with me to make sure she gets a walk and care within her post-surgery restrictions. I highly recommend Sniff & Go!read more
Stephanie Wilson-Wagner
Stephanie Wilson-Wagner
01:18 04 Nov 16
The Sniff and Go team is amazing. They have walked our 2 Border Collies every weekday for over 2 years. They became... like part of the family because they cared for our pets as if they were their own, and they grieved with us when one passed away. The owners are great people, and everyone on their team is fantastic. They are great about communicating with you, and anytime anything is even slightly out of the ordinary with your pet's behavior, energy level, or biological function, they'll let you know. They are kind and compassionate people, responsible and professional -- I trust them with the things I love and value most in life. I can't recommend them highly enough.read more
Barbara Anne
Barbara Anne
19:09 25 Jul 16
Love Sniff and Go! Emi and her team truly love dogs and it shows in the care they provide. They were instrumental in... socializing my puppy during daily walks and made leaving him at home overnight stress free with in-home pet sitting. Sniff and Go has made me much more comfortable with my decision to get a puppy while living in the city. I can't imagine doing it without them!read more
Kenneth Downes
Kenneth Downes
23:13 15 Jun 16
Wonderful company with very personal and conscientious service. Their online application and email updates were great... during the day and made the financial aspect very transparent and the application itself was easy to schedule walks when needed. My dog loved the walks in small groups and on the days my girlfriend was home she would always comment how looked forward to them during the day. I was very happy with the service and the great care they took with my dog and I would recommend them to anyone in the western addition SF area if they are looking for an excellent dog walking company.read more
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My partner and I have had several dog walkers over the years when we lived in Chicago, Dallas, Houston and now in San Francisco. Sniff and Go is, by far, the BEST, most professional and dependable dog walking service we’ve ever had.
Gary K.

My two dogs really enjoy their walks! Emi and company really love dogs and I’m happy that they really care about their canine clients. The best dog walkers I’ve had!
Kristian K.

We will use Sniff and Go every time we are out of town now and won’t hesitate to recommend to others. Great, professional and convenient service!
Clare C.

Sniff and Go
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Michael W.
Michael W.
2019-04-23 14:52:16
There was an unfortunate interaction between dogs being walked by Sniff and Go and our small dog Smokey that was on leash. But 'things happen' occasionally....
Marina F.
Marina F.
2018-09-23 11:28:18
Paul and Gina have been walking our 2 pups for the past year and our experience has been great. The dogs are always relaxed when we get back home and the...
Wayne P.
Wayne P.
2018-01-14 11:50:30
We have been using Sniff and Go for the past 4 years. Emi and her team are incredibly thoughtful, reliable, accommodating, and most importantly genuine dog...
My dogs are noticeable happier getting daily walks. I really can’t say enough good things about this service!
Jon K.

With our busy (and inconsistent) work schedules, we absolutely would not be able to have two dogs without Sniff and Go.
Brooke P.

Trustworthy, dependable, reliable, consistent — these are “the basics” for any dog walking/pet sitting business. Sniff and Go goes above and beyond to provide the basics and much, much more.

Sniff and Go has been caring for our two adult Whippets since 2012. Over the years, Emi, Paul and their team have become so much more than dog walkers — they’ve become family — supporting us and our dogs through multiple moves and corresponding behavioral issues, vacations, business trips, unexpected delays at the office, illnesses, bouts of separation anxiety (for us and the dogs), vet visits, illness and the loss of one of our boys.

For example, when we moved into a very fussy condo building one of our dogs developed a severe case of separation anxiety. Unbeknown to us, he howled every time we left the apartment, quickly drawing complaints from our new neighbors and a warning from the building’s management company. At our wits end, we tried everything — daycare, drugs, changes to our routine. Eventually, we installed drop cams throughout the apartment and Emi agreed to sit at a nearby coffee shop to monitor our dogs and intervene when the anxiety devolved into crying/howling. Breaking the cycle really helped alleviate his anxiety and was the only thing that made it possible for us to stay in that apartment.

When one of our dogs developed terminal bladder cancer, Sniff and Go provided compassionate support and care when we and our beloved pet needed it the most. They helped maintain a complicated medication schedule, they were flexible as we needed to add more frequent walks, they cleaned up messes, they connected us to additional resources like pet hospice care and they cried and grieved with us as when it was time to say goodbye.

I’ll be the first to admit, we are neurotic when it comes to our dogs. With Sniff and Go, we’ve known that our dogs were being cared for — that they were getting the basics — food, walks, potty breaks, medicine, etc…. AND love and attention based on our dogs’ personalities and needs over time. Sniff and Go always has the right touch — being firm and in control when our dogs were younger and wanted to kill every skateboarder or roller blades in sight, to being extra gentle, patient and compassionate as our senior dog becomes more fragile and requires slower walks.

Simply put, after living in multiple cities and trying countless pet care services over the years, we can honestly say that Sniff and Go has been THE BEST. Whether you’re training a new puppy or caring for an elderly dog, Sniff and Go has what it takes to make your life easier and put your mind at ease.

Mark S.

Thanks so much for everything and taking such great care of Oliver, Kit Kat, Frank, the mail, trash and our home. We’re so grateful! I honestly had the best peace of mind that I’ve ever been able to have when we’re traveling knowing how reliable you, Jia and your whole crew are!
Chris W.

Sniff and Go is the BEST – always reliable, professional, and wonderfully accommodating. They are truly a second parent/home to my dog.
David P.

The Sniff and Go team have been walking my dog Bella for two years now, and they continue to impress me with their reliability, dedication, and the way they truly care about my dog.
Meaghan S.

Extremely flexible with my crazy work schedule and able to arrange different types of dog walking services (individual or group) based on my dogs’ needs. Highly recommended!
Melody F.

I can tell my dog loves to go out on her walks with Sniff and Go.  Sniff and Go was responsive and was professional from day one.
Naho W.

We love our clients!

and hope that you become one as well!