Thoughts from a Dog Trainer on Daily Dog Walks

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For our pups, being able to step out into the world is a super exciting part of their day! They are able to stretch their legs, relieve themselves, and get a lot of sniffs in. Going out for walks not only provides an opportunity to have a potty break but is also mentally stimulating for your dog, because it allows them to discover the world and receive information about their surroundings. Dogs thrive off of having a routine, so a consistent walk schedule helps provide them exercise, which can prevent behavioral issues from arising such as demand barking, potty accidents in the home, or causing destruction by chewing.


While adult dogs can hold it for 6-8 hours, it is not necessarily the most comfortable for them. If your dog is still having potty accidents here and there that means he is not 100% house trained and needs to be going out more frequently. Hiring a dog walker is a way to ease your mind and not stress about whether you have to leave the Zoom meeting to take your dog out to avoid accidents in the house. For puppies who are going through the potty training process, a dog walker is essential. Pups can safely hold it for as many months as they are plus one, so if you have a puppy who is only 4 months old, he should only be in his crate for 4-5 hours between potty breaks. A crate is a great tool when housetraining a puppy, but it doesn’t mean they won’t have accidents in there, so you want to make sure you still have someone come over and take your pup out before it can’t hold it any longer.

We highly suggest that you provide walks for your dog at least three to four times a day. Your dog’s breed, size, age, and temperament does play a factor in how many walks they should be getting and the length of the walk. If your dog has a lot of energy that needs to be exerted you would want to provide long walks during the day to help exercise them. A dog walker is able to help you during that time when you are working and can’t provide the time commitment for your dog’s needs.


Due to the Pandemic, dogs are experiencing severe separation anxiety from their owners and have regressed in their interactions with other dogs and people. Since we are home with our dogs now 24/7, it has led to them becoming very dependent on their owners and unfortunately, they can experience anxiety when being away from them. With consistent positive exposure to other dogs and people, pups are able to build up their confidence and feel more secure when on their own. With the lack of socialization, reactivity towards other dogs and people has also increased. Walks with a dog walker can provide your pup the necessary socialization to new people and other dogs. This helps them learn how to communicate with other dogs and people in a positive way and prevents fear or anxious behavior.


One of our pups was not able to interact with other dogs for several months due to the city being shut down and services not being provided. When she joined the schedule again we noticed that she was very territorial of her owners and not interested in interacting with her pup friends who she loved walking with before the Pandemic began. Her regression was very sad for us because we spent so much time pre-COVID to help her become social and friendly with other dogs and people! Within weeks of dog walks with just the walker, we noticed that she was becoming more like her old self again. This consistent routine and exposure helped her not feel stressed when leaving her owners. She also started to be able to join the small pack walks again and not show signs of fear or aggression towards them. Walking with her dog walker and pup friends allowed her to feel safe in a pack and she was able to feel more comfortable and less on edge while out and about on her walks!


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About the Author, Dani Pedraza CCDT:

Our friends and colleagues in New York and Chicago operate a business named Big City Woof WalkersDani Pedraza (CCDT) is one of the two owners of Big City Woof Walkers and also is a Certified Dog Trainer, graduating from Catch Canine Trainer Academy’s Master Course program. Dani has been thoughtful enough to contribute an article that explains her perspective on on-going recurring dog walking services and how those services can help our canine companion. If you are interested in virtual dog training, we encourage you to contact the Big City Woof Walkers team. They are happy to speak to animal lovers on the West Coast!