Top 5 Presents for Pet Parents

It can be hard decided what to get your friends and family during the holiday season. But if you have a pet parent on your list, you’re in luck! We have the top 5 gifts for the animal lover in your life.

  1. Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

This hand new device will help you find lost pets quickly –  Whistle GPS notifies you if your pet ever roams from a safe area you designate for your home or office. Then you can track their location directly from your smartphone.

  1. Texts From The Dog 2017 Daily Calendar

Texts From The Dog 2017 Daily Calendar

Bring a daily laugh to the animal lover in your life with his hilarious calendar is based on the witty and sometimes rude SMS exchange between Dog, the foul-mouthed British bulldog, and his owner, October Jones.

  1. Paw Print Jewelry

Paw Print Jewelry

From rings, bracelets, and necklaces, pet parents would be proud to rock these sweet paw prints.  Just pick the style that fits your loved one the best and they’re sure to love it.

  1. Proud Pet Parent Hoodie

Proud Pet Parent Hoodie

Great the both guys and girls and perfect for the winter. Who doesn’t love to curl up in a comfy hoodie on a cold rainy day? We all need a pet lover’s hoodie in our lives.

  1. Collar Cam

Collar Cam

We all wonder what our pets are up to while we’re not around. Or want to see our walks from their point of view. That’s why this awesome collar cam is perfect. It records up to 1.5 of video and you never know what video could go viral!

Sometimes gift giving can be tricky, but you’re lucky if you have an animal lover in your life. Our pets make up a part of our heart and that’s why we love getting gifts that include them.


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